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  Fort Worth Police Non-emergercy phone Number 817-335-4222
Our Ne ighborhood Police Officer 
Officer James "Nugget" Gray #3827 West24/W527
817-992-0188 (CELL)
817-392-4766 (OFFICE)
For assistance when unable to reach Officer Gray call 817-392-4760 and ask for NPO office
06/11/15 - Home on the Southwest corner of Meadow Haven Drive and Meadows West Drive was broke-in on Thursday June 11 around 12:18 pm. They smashed in the front door and stole 2 laptop computers and an IPad.
11/03/14 - PLEASE GET THE WORD OUT to lock your cars. Four vehicles were burglarized in the Quail Ridge Neighborhood the night of November 3rd into the Morning of November 4th. NONE of the vehicles had any signs of forced entry - - It is believed that they were all unlocked. Only things that would appear to be small and petty were taken (change, Insurance Cards, Car Manual). The concern however is that these suspects may be trying to make a copy of the car keys by using the VIN nunber or other numbers obtained on the insurance card or vehicle manual.
About 09/29/14 a house in Bellaire Park was burglarized. The front door was kicked in and many electronics were taken. They didn't have a burglar alarm.
On 09/19/14 we were informed by a neighbor that their bikes were stolen out of the garage this past weekend, they wanted us to remind you to please leave you garages down!!

I know that we talk about "target hardening" often, but this right here shows that we are not "hardening" enough. There is never a time, in my opinion, that items such as fire arms, high dollar sporting equipment, laptops etc.....are safe in our vehicles. I dont even leave items in my vehicle when I park it in the garage, and I lock the vehicle doors after I park the car in the garage before I go inside. We must all realize that if  we leave high dollar items, or firearms ESP, in our vehicles, in plain view, we are asking to become a target.
I know that we can all work together to make our properties "boring" for a burglar, so they will go elsewhere. Thank you for all your continued hard work and support, and we will talk to you all soon.
Officer JE "Nugget" Gray #3827
Parents' Guide to Gangs - Behaviors associated with joining a gang
About Citizens on Patrol Please Read

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Crime prevention suggestions

  • Make sure your external doors are secure.
  • Use your alarm. Have your alarm monitored and get your alarm permit from the city.
  • If someone you don't know knocks at your door, let them know someone is home, but do not open the door to them. If they are persistence call the police and stay on the line with the police.
  • Put vehicles in the garage or behind a gate if possible.
  • If you have a vehicle outside make sure it is in a well lit area, with all belongs removed from it, and lock nuts on the wheel. If the vehicle has an alarm, use it on the highest setting.
  • Have flood light on a timer or motions sensor.
  • If out of town make sure to have your mail and newspaper picked up. On trash day have someone put out and pick up your trash bins. Maybe even ask our Neighborhood Police Officer about house checks. (If you do this make sure to notify him if you return early or leave late.)



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