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Our community website was developed by Meadows West Homeowners Association to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community.  Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.


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Neighborhood News

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Our NPO, Brian Carrigan, notified us that FWPD is patrolling our parks by bicycle and mounted units. Officer Carrigan is also walking the trails looking for any suspicious activity.   Please keep alert and notify the police of any suspicious persons or activity you observe.  Exercise caution and consider walking with at least one other person. 
DOG OWNERS, Reports of increased number of dogs not on leash while walking increases the potential for problems.  PLEASE help keep our neighborhood and park a clean and pleasant place to visit by remembering to keep them on leash and to pick up after your pet when walking them. This will be appreciated by all that enjoy the outdoors.
VACATION PATROL if you would like your home patrolled by Meadows West Citizens on Patrol please leave your contact info and details under Contact us then COP Captain. An email will be sent to Gayle Giliberto our COP Captain.
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Please consider updating your profile so if a neighbor finds your dog or you have a broken sprinkler he/she will be able to let you know. It can also be used to find neighbors in the neighborhood that share similar interests/hobbies.
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Yard of the Month

Congratulations to Janis and Randy Putnam at 6720 Cool Meadow Drive, our Yard of the Month recipients.  It’s challenging enough to keep our yards green this time of year so, exceptional landscaping is really something.  As you can see from the photos they have a variety of flowering and nonflowering bushes as well as annual flowers, including coleus, verbena, shrub roses, pentas and hosta.  We had the chance to visit with Janis and Randy and they are clearly passionate about gardening and manage all the work themselves.  They also showed us their back yard, which was even more beautiful than the front. It was filled with passion flower, lantana, sunshine privet and butterfly bush between carefully planted containers filled with color. It was so fun to visit with folks as passionate about their gardening as we are!

Summer Gardening!

The Gardening Corner 
Susan and Barry Astroff
 Congratulations to Janis and Randy Putnam at 6720 Cool Meadow Drive, our Yard of the Month recipients.  Check out the photos of their amazing yard on our Yard of the Month Tab!  :)
The month of June has been brutal on our yards and gardens. We’ve lost track of 100 degree days already and know we have only had one substantial rain event, getting 3 inches in a relatively short amount of time. For our garden advice this month, we suggest keeping to your scheduled watering days and perhaps hand watering any tender flora that looks especially thirsty. Pots and containers will need at least once a day watering preferably in the early morning. It’s probably best to hold off on any additional planting you may be considering until cooler temperatures prevail (October maybe). Keep dead heading your flowers (cutting off spent flowers)  to encourage more blooms and you can now cut off any leaves from bulbs left over from spring. It’s never to late to mulch if you haven’t yet done so. This will help preserve what moisture is in the soil. Be sure to use natural mulch such as bark or pine straw. Rubber never breaks down and rock makes for some very high heat around the plants.
Two items of interest… If you haven’t seen an agave in bloom, it is a sight to behold!  Take a look at 6509 Briarcrest Court for the tall "Suess-like" bloom that has been sent up . Sadly, it is a death bloom. After about 15 to 25 years the agave sends up this final act then dies shortly after. The next item we thought we’d highlight is an unusual flower we have been seeing a lot in magazines and florist bouquets. Originally from Australia, but certainly able to thrive in our Texas heat, is the Craspedia or Billy Button, see last photo below, and link to a website for more information.
Stay cool, and Happy Gardening.
Susan and Barry

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