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Board of Directors

Executive Board
President Rhonda Cage
Vice President Carlos Coscia
Secretary Courtney Kimberling Radcliffe
Treasurer Bob Bodiford
Member Relations Officer Arturo Montoya
Board of Directors
Area Director Address of Area Director
  Gloria Hall 6712 Morning Dew
  Selina Willcockson 4828 River View Drive
  Loretta Endres 6712 Meadow Haven Drive
  Janet Lanier 6700 Deep Valley Lane
  Donna Kolstad 6712 Meadows West Drive South
  Craig Blaising 6801 Meadows West Drive South
  Gayle Dawson 6608 River Bend Rd
  Leigh Marks 4800 Seaton Ct.
  Gayle Giliberto 6404 Meadows West Drive
  Patrick Sheppard 6513 Havenview Court