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Q.  How can I join Meadows West HOA
A.  Simply fill out this membership form and mail your dues to the address on the form.  Membership Enrollment Form
Q. Who is the councilman for our neighborhood?
A.  Michael Crain -  email - District3@fortworthtexas.gov phone 817-392-8803
Q.  Who is our code compliance officer?
A.  Ian Sheadel; ian.sheadel@fortworthtexas.gov
     Phone: (817) 475-3431
Q. What is our neighborhood's trash and recycling day?
A. Wednesday unless Wednesday is after a Holiday the city observes, then it is Thursday.


Q. What is our neighborhood' s bulk waste day?

A. The third Monday of the month.
Q. What do you do if you see graffiti in or around the neighborhood?
A. You can help defeat the problem of graffiti by removing it from your property as soon as possible. If you need assistance in removing graffiti from your property, contact the Graffiti Abatement Unit, at 212-2700. Email: Graffiti@fortworthgov.org Please report the crime of graffiti as soon as possible to the Graffiti Abatement Program at (817)212-2700 and your Neighborhood Patrol Officer or the Police Non-Emergency number (817) 335-4222.
Q. What events take place in Meadows West with the HOA?
A. Meadows West joins our neighbors in Bellaire Park North to participate in a 4th of July celebration consisting of a bike parade, snacks, face painting, and socializing.  MW also has several social events annually, Neighborhood Night Out in October, and Holiday events.