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Why Join Us?

The Meadows West Homeowners Association
We are a non-obligatory Association of residents of the Meadows West area. The homes are on the east and west sides of Bellaire Drive South, beginning and ending with the intersections of Meadows West Drive South.
The Association works to provide:
Community Awareness
  • Works to form a committee with the area HOAs to improve communication among those in our area.
  • Works with our City Councilman, Michael Crain to address community improvement issues.
  Neighborhood Communication
  • The HOA provides a paper Directory to its members. This will be updated every 2 to 4 years. There is also an online directory that can be accessed from the website for paid members.
  • Our  website, which is a central location for neighborhood information, will maintain a list of e-mail addresses for the Registered residents and will continue to provide blast e-mails for active members of the HOA. Registered residents have the option when registering to share their information with HOA members or keep it confidential. www.meadowswest.org.
  • We sometimes handout or mail neighborhood information to you.
  • On occasion, signs will be placed along Bellaire Dr. directing you to the  www.meadowswest.org site.

 Neighborhood Security 

  • Works with our Fort Worth Police Department liaison.
  • Informs and updates residents regarding crime threats within our area.
  Deed Restriction Review
  • The Architectural Committee monitors compliance with neighborhood deed restrictions and offers its recommendations on building projects in the area. Has the right but not the obligation to enforce the Restrictions as the Committee deems appropriate.
  • In the past, the HOA has provided hay rides, Easter egg hunts, neighborhood picnics, Halloween gatherings and block parties. We also participate in the yearly National Night Out event.  The HOA would like to generate interest in continuing these types of neighborhood activities.

Flags & Sign

  • American flags are displayed on Bellaire Drive on national holidays.

MWHOA is a voluntary organization and is staffed by volunteers.

Please consider paying $35/ yearly dues. To join, mail your dues to Meadows West Homeowners Association c/o Bob Bodiford P.O. Box 16011, Fort Worth, TX 76162

Thank you!